This site was originally meant to encourage Japanese-American first time moms to start thinking about Postpartum Depression. But, as the site grew it became obvious that this is information that most parents and mental health providers can benefit from.

Postpartum Depression (PPD) is an illness that affects approximately 10-30% of first time mothers in the United States. In fact, women are three times more likely to suffer from depression in the first 5 weeks following the birth of their baby than during any other time in their lives1. Because the effects of PPD can be harmful to both mom and baby, it is important to be able to identify and treat it as early as possible. Unfortunately, women from other cultures may be at a disadvantage for early detection by their health care providers. Every culture is different and that difference, as we all know, can be seen in everything from the way we approach strangers to the values we hold. As the US grows more diverse there is a definite move towards being culturally sensitive. Unfortunately, not every OBGYN, Pediatrician and nurse can possibly be an expert on each nuance of every world culture. Therefore, it is important to be your own cultural expert and know where those difficulties and miscommunications might come up. This site is meant to help Japanese American women think actively about PPD; the traditional beliefs of Japan that may affect you and identification in the US.